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Estonian 4H and Estonian IFYE committee are happy to welcome you to the 58th of European IFYE conference in Jõulumäe. Conference takes place 23rd  – 30th  of July 2016 in Estonia, Pärnumaa, Jõulumäe .



It’s a first time when we have an honor to make IFYE conference. During the week we try to let you taste the culture, language and our untouched nature. Of course there will be local delicious food and drinks. You will have wonderful chances to catch up with your IFYE friends during the different activities like dancing, hiking, meeting new people, team work, laughing, sweating in a sauna.



To make sure that you have a place to sleep, hurry up with booking by visiting the registration page  and make your registration. 


If you would like to stay longer in Estonia or come earlier look at this or don’t hesitate to ask or



See you in Estonia 2016!

Emergency contact phone +372 55 593 558 (Reelika)

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